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Seminar on IslamSubmitted By: Nolan Rutter
Please pray for the success of the seminar in both attendance and for those attending to gain insight into presenting the Gospel to those in the Islamic faith.closed by administrator.
Eye surgerySubmitted By: ann Fares
Thank you for theprayers prayers for a positive outcome. God heard and answereclosed by administrator.
Rod Farthing-good news!Submitted By: Tony Boyd
The report on 6/19 from Rod\\\'s daughter:

Good news to report! Dad is doing much better today. His speech is almost completely back, as he just occasionally struggles for a word slightly, but can talk about the experience and is fully aware of the last few days events. He is foggy on some of it, which is not surprising. He is gaining strength consistently, as well. His blood sugar and pressure issues are still being dealt with to bring t...hem under control. The insulin is helping bring the blood sugar numbers down slowly. No news on next steps in terms of when discharge might be yet. They still have some issues to manage, but the outlook is great! The doctors are surprised! Ongoing medical management will be key, of course. It will be a big adjustment for him.

I\\\'m going to resign my position of report sharer, so if you need more updates, feel free to message Jan Farthing or Rod Farthing or call/text either cell phone.

Thanks SO much for the support! Hundreds were praying, and we know prayer is not always answered in the way we desire, for we cannot see the big picture. So we are grateful that the prayers were answered with a resounding response of mercy!

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Nephew - Prayers Answered!!Submitted By: Sean Langston
I just got word that my nephew, Spencer Langston's baby boy was born with major respiratory issues. they are airlifting my nephew, and the baby tonight, from West Plains to KC. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to meet him at Children's Mercy, as he literally has no other family who can be available for support. I'm posting the request here, as posting it on Facebook would cause unnecessary stress and hardship for other family members. Thank you for your prayers, and I'll try to keep everyone posted as things progress.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just got home from Children's Mercy. Braxton was doing well, and his status has been upgraded to very stable. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and encouragement. The power of prayer was thoroughly demonstrated today.

8-22-14 2:30 pm
I just heard from Spencer, that the doctors think that Braxton's white blood count is a little low. They are starting him on a round of antibiotics, which will take about a week to complete. Based on that, they will be staying at Childrens Mercy for at least another week.
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Travelling Submitted By: Nolan Rutter
Sister Ann Thiesen is in Malawi working with a medical team and we have helped her in making this trip possible. Prayers for her safety there and on her return are asked for. 07-25-2014 Sister Thiesen is back from her trip and reported how wonderful the time in Malawi was in teaching and ministering to the women. She will be continuing to travel as she reports on her activities in country.closed by administrator.
Grandaughter JazlynSubmitted By: Troy and Teresa Young
Our 3 yr old grandaughter Jazlyn has a hole in her heart that is bleeding and filling her lungs. The doctors said that she needs to have open heart surgery to go in and close the hole. Her open heart surgery is scheduled for Aug 15th. Conditions for surgery were not ideal and the surgery has been rescheduled for Oct 1st.closed by administrator.